Yogyakarta (Indonesia) Tours
1 to 31 May 2017

Jogyakarta is known and loved for its Borobudur Temple and cave diving activities, but what is truly interesting and underground about Jogyakarta is its art scene and the community that its artists have built around their studios and the galleries there. Some believe that this is because the Sultan is  benevolent, and values culture as a major pillar of the city. Others say it's the proximity to the Merapi Volcano and therefore the spiritual gravitas nature lends as inspiration to artists, and yet others say it's because Jogyakarta is the heart of Indonesia, and the place where politics, nature and culture all intersect and dialogue. The art scene there thrives due to its vibrant community of artists. 

Jogyakarta rises early. Sunrise is when the paddy fields come alive with work, roosters crow and the market vendors start setting up on the street.

A suggested intinerary is to start the day off with Printmaking workshops at Grafis Minggiran. We learned to make lithography prints the old fashioned way at this print studio with the seven master printmakers. We then visit several notable and contemporary artist studios to learn about their works, inspirations, techniques. We visit the galleries who work very much from the grassroots with the community of artist and art lovers :Sangkring Art Space, Ark Galerie and Cemeti Art House, with introduction to the exhibition and its programmes by the Gallery Manager.  We visit the Affandi Musuem to peruse the expressive paintings of the renowned Indonesian modern master.  etc. The trip is complete with lunch for Javanese specialties, indonesian grown coffees. We have taken some of our more adventurous guests to look for “Satay Klatak”, which means Satay skewered on the bicycle spokes. This is delicious, freshly slaughtered meat that is immediately barbequed above coal.   We hang out with some artist collectives. And we must not forget a few photo opportunities at special spots along the way. 


Upcoming tours are in November 2017

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