Geared towards art collectors, patrons, art professionals and those seeking the tools to appreciate and understand investment in the art world, Arnoldii Lectures provide basic inroads to understanding and appreciating complex issues surrounding the development of contemporary art, and insights into the world of collecting. The lectures are taught by individuals in the art world who have both academic understanding and professional practical experience.

Art Dealing & Art Business

The Business of Art & Art Dealing

Art Dealing & Art Business

This course, provides students with direct inside knowledge of the commercial art world, drawing upon selected case studies of notable gallerists, curators and exhibitions that have created markets for contemporary art, built artist’s careers and initiated a following of collectors and critics. Focussing on the direct experience of renowned gallerists the course presents invaluable anecdotal advice on the processes and intricacies involved in running a successful ‘Gallery Empire’. Outlining the variables which dictate the identity and success of a  commercial art business, the course addresses the use of  permanent gallery spaces versus temporary ‘pop’ up exhibitions , the importance of identifying a target audience and considers artist-gallery relationships, the dos and donts of marketing artists and the business of selling both in the gallery and on line.

Topic 1: Building a Gallery Business (High End Gallery)

Topic 2: Building a Gallery Business (Emerging Gallery)

Topic 3: The Power of on line business - building a commerical gallery on line.

Topic 4: ‘Pop Up Exhibitions’ – process, production and results.

Topic 5: Artist / Dealer relationships.

Topic 6: Print Sales: Producing and manufacturing multiples.

Topic 7: Exhibition installation and project management