DRIVE, A Gillman Barracks Public Art Project


DRIVE is a four-month long Gillman Barracks site-wide public art project coinciding with the 2014 F1 Singapore Grand Prix Season, the Gillman Barracks 2nd year Anniversary and ArtWeek Singapore 2015.  The artworks for the project will range from wall murals, to sculptures and multi-media installation. DRIVE commences on 26 September 2014 and will conclude with a prize giving ceremony for the best piece to presented during Art Week on 23 January 2015. The winning artwork will be decided upon by public vote and the winning artist will receive a SGD5,000 prize.

DRIVE is a curated exhibition of outdoor art installations by galleries, the public and international artists, incorporating a public competition amongst the artists. The multi-dimensional curatorial theme refers not only to the start of the 2014 F1 Singapore Grand Prix Season but also to the various meanings of “Drive” - it suggests a journey or the operation of a vehicle, and it also connotes energy and psychological motivation. Singapore in the 21st century is a dynamic vibrant city-state alive with possibilities for the arts and tourism and there is a constant “drive” which pervades all aspects of life in Singapore.

In addition to the outdoor public art exhibition, a dedicated website offering access to educational programmes on the arts and information on the artists and what “drives” them will be featured.

Up until completed materialisation of the public works and the educational programmes, the Arnoldii Arts Club and partners will continue outreach through a schedule of walking tours and picnics, introductory classes on engaging with art and art history (such as “Southeast Asian History of Art”, “How To Buy Art” and “How to Look at Art”), and events to further drive publicity for the project and the precinct. Several events will take place.

DRIVE is a production of the Arnoldii Arts Club and thus will feature heavily on artistic content and educational programmes organised in conjunction with like-mission partners such as The Singapore Tourism Board,  Lush 99.5FM and Heart Media.