Behind the Scenes at Gillman Barracks: Meet Megan Arlin

By Singapore Arts Club

Feb 10th, 2017 12:00 PM

Megan Arlin | Associate, Sullivan+Strumpf Singapore

“I've always loved managing art exhibitions, ever since I was an art student at Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). From student-run exhibitions to big festival that took a year of preparation, it’s funny how I thought I was prepared to be an artist but ended up loving another role! After internships at several Bandung art spaces, I gained my professional experience as a Gallery Manager at ROH Projects, an art gallery in Jakarta. When I had to move to Singapore, it was only natural then that I began looking for an art gallery to work for. It’s didn’t happen immediately, so I worked in an art logistics company instead and I definitely do not regret that at all. The moment I heard Sullivan+Strumpf was opening a space in Singapore, I knew that that was the job I wanted! Ursula Sullivan and Joanna Strumpf, Directors of Sullivan+Strumpf, will remember how persistent I was in securing myself a role in their gallery.

Working in art gallery, every exhibition feels like another challenge and that's the fun part! We're talking about different artists, different artworks, different perceptions, and a myriad of ways to exhibit. I mostly deal with the production of exhibitions and art fairs – the timeline, shipment, layout, logistics, installation, visuals, and promotion including but not limited to press releases, website, and social media channels. Managing the sales process from start to finish is also part of my job at Sullivan+Strumpf.

Usually, before an exhibition opens, I give myself some time to develop a deeper understanding about the artist and their artworks, their concept as a whole, and I also to look for relevant facts that might lead to interesting discussions. Passion plays a huge role here. Other than exhibitions and art fairs, the gallery also manages the development of our represented artists, which is why we actively look for awards, prizes, and residencies that suit the various artists. I work closely with the Directors and the Sydney team to coordinate the promotion of our artists and to propose every development strategy that I have in mind.

Once a friend asked, what industry would you work in other than art? Honestly I couldn’t imagine anything else!”


Portrait shot by Natsuko Teruya
Makeup by Kelvin Khoo