Summer Programmes: Things I Wish I Learnt In Art School

Things I Wish I Learnt in Art School


1)    Practical Preparation for Painting

In these sessions with a practicing professional artist, participants will learn everything they need to know about stretching their own canvases and preparing timbre panels for painting. Instead of using mass produced pre-stretched canvases, participants can customise high quality archival materials according to their desired proportions and needs for their art practice. This course is not only for artists, but also for people interested in working in the arts in the areas of art handling, art management, and for a general understanding of what makes a well-prepared canvas, how to store, stack and protect paintings in the studio and the workplace, and the best practices for art conservation.


This course comes in two parts, and is offered twice:


Part A: 2 hours – Canvas & Board Preparation [Thursday 27 July, Saturday 29 July 2017, 9 – 11am]

Part B: 2 hours – Handling [Thursday 3 August, Saturday 5 August 2017, 9 – 11am]


$150 for reg. students get 30% off


2)    Art Installation & Handling – Artist & Gallery Standard

-    Spend Money on Art instead of Art Installation: How to wield a drill like a pro!

-    One Hole Every Time: How to measure your wall for hanging

-    Save Yourself Multiple Trips to the Store: Getting the right hardware for different types of walls

-    What are D-rings, Drill Bits, Wall Plugs, Levellers, and When Do I Use Them?

-    Making Less of a Mess: How to be clean and efficient with an installation

-    Reduce Damage to Artworks from DIY Projects


This course is for amateurs at art installation, art collectors who wish to DIY, and art professionals who currently work in art organisations, who wish to upgrade their art handling and installation skills.


This series comes in one part and is offered twice: 17 & 26 August 2017, 2 hours per session


$50 for reg. students get 30% off


About the Instructor

Merryn Trevethan is a practicing artist who has created several public art projects outdoors, indoors, and was a specialist at one of the best art materials shop in Melbourne (St Luke Artist Colourmen) specialising in custom stretching, conservation and damage control to empower artists with the best practices.