22 January - 22 February 2016

Singapore Arts Club (SAC) is the newly rebranded 2nd annual public arts project in Gillman Barracks. On 22 January 2016, in conjunction with Art After Dark celebrates Art Week, a specially curated programme led by 3 emerging Singaporean artists - Joo Choon Lin, Sean Lee, Jack Tan, promises to be an evening filled with live music, food trucks, artists interaction and performances. This is the night Singapore's premier art enclave comes alive and we invite you to soak in the atmosphere.


Admission to Singapore Arts Club and Art After Dark programmes and installations are free unless otherwise stated.

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SAC Events

22 January 2016 Outdoor Activities

  • Live Portraiture//Action-Performance//Children’s Lantern Parade//Interactive Sculpture//Extreme Picnic//Outdoor Photography Exhibition//Flag Installation//Homes for Artists and Researchers by the NUS Architecture Year Two Design Studio//Live Music//Food and Beverage Stalls
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SAC Artists

Jack Tan: Mythologies

Joo Choon Lin: Abdominal Bass Cavern of a Stricken Heart

Sean Lee: Two PeopleShauna

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SAC Lectures

  • Lunchtime Lecture: “Is this Even Legal?”  A Talk About Public Art
  • Brunch Artist Talk: Performing Utopias/Dystopias In The Public Spheres: Asian Myths, Clichés and Symbolism
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SAC Publication -

A complimentary art and lifestyle publication available on 22 January 2016

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Arnoldii Arts Club Publications

Online Publication: Arnoldii Conversations

Additional learning: Articles by lecturers on art related topics

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Topic and Lectures Available:
History of Art: (Southeast Asian, Chinese, Western Cannon)

Business of Art

Art Production

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Education Programme Related to Public Art Project

Dates: October 2014 (Current) - January 2015

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Throughout the year, Arnoldii Arts Club offers a programme of highly personalised guided tours of international galleries, exhibitions and art fairs...

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Artist Engagement

Presenting Cutting Edge Artists and Artworks

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